• Combinations

    You will find clues on this page to the words that you can combine, think to and for. Put your own words, your parable, your associations to each combination to get out more of each word. 

    Build your rebus of energy

  • Power
    Strenght, basic, anger, frustration, impotency, engagement, stability. 

    Power - Impulse
    Impulsive power, impulsive engagement, impulsive anger, powerful engagement, powerful acting.  

    Power- Will
    The power of Will, willpower, stamina, focus, acting, powerful creating of the vill

    Power- Harmony
    Emotional stamina, safeness, stability in feeling, the power of harmony. 

    Power- Attitude
    Powerful attitude, attitude with power, powerful performance, powerful statement.

    Power- Insight
    Powerful insight, insightful power acting, awareness of own power.

    Power- Illusion
    Powerful illusion, an illusion with power, visionary power, powerful fantasy, wishes for creating, creating of wishes. 

    Power- Experience
    A powerful experience, the experience of power, basic experience, lessons of power. 

    Power- Shift
    Powerful shift, the shift of power, acting from shifting, shifting from power.

    Power- Unlimited
    Unlimited power, powerful unlimited, power forever, forever powerful. 

    Power- Stillness
    Quite power, powerful stillness, relaxing power, powerful relaxing. 

    Power- Bliss
    Impact, powerful realizations, powerful trip, powerful aha- trip, trip with power.

    The idea, quick acting, driving force, engagement, impatience, lack of tolerance, desire for realization. whim. 

    Impulse - Will
    An inner drive, notion, stubborn, goal orientated. 

    Impulse- Harmony
    Harmonic impulse, acting from feeling, ardor. 

    Impulse - Attitude
    The value of a vapor, self-respect, acting from engagement. 

    Impulse- Insight
    Questioning, in conflict with acting and thinking, urging and fear, insecureness. 

    Impulse - Illusion
    Creatin of a dream, desire after something that is hard to reach but needs to be done. 

    Impulse - Experience
    Safe in new creations, trust inputs on old knowledge. 

    Impulse -Shift
    Decision -agony, reevaluation, changes that happen quickly. 

    Impulse - Unlimited
    An inner conviction to create new opportunities. 

    Impulse - Stillness
    Inner conflict, longing for freedom without responsibility. 

    Impulse - Bliss
    Relations, belief, hope and love in a blissful mix.

    Love, happiness, safeness, peace and calm, security, presence. 

    Harmony - Attitude
    Harmonious attitude, pleasant and sure, aware of own feelings. 

    Harmony - Insight
    Harmonious insight, the insight of harmony, presence, well-being. 

    Harmony - Illusion
    Desire after what before was not reachable, aha-expåerience, flashes of feelings.

    Harmony- Experience
    Harmonious experience, harmony from knowledge, harmony from valuation. 

    Desire after new experiences, shattering feelings.

    Harmony - Unlimited
    Unlimited harmony, love beyond borders, safety to the max, spiritual self-value. 

    Harmony - Stillness
    Awaiting, reservations, insecureness in reception. 

    Harmony - Bliss
    Happiness, twirls of feelings.

    Security, self-value, aware of own capacity, expressly. 

    Attitude - Insight
    Insightfully awareness about yourself, clear minded, responsibility. 

    Attitude - Illusion
    Questioning about your role, personally development or a personal crisis- Ifrågasättande av sin roll, personlighetsutveckling eller personlighetskris

  • Attitude- Experience
    Self-security, clearing, awareness of role.

    Attitude- Shift
    Creation of a new profile, new thinking, reconstruction. 

    Attitude - Unlimited
    Openminded, spiritual, clear minded.

    Attitude - Stillness
    Awaiting, waiting for meaning, insecureness. 

    Attitude - Bliss
    Open minded, free in mind, unprejudiced, expectant. 

    Awake, insightful, spiritual safe, soul self. 

    Insight- Illusion
    Awarer of opportunities, creating by own power, development. 

    Insight - Experience
    Knowledge awareness, aware of role. 

    Insight - Shift
    Awakening, reflections, analyses. 

    Insight - Unlimited
    Unlimited insights, new thoughts, reached life goals. 

    Insight - Stillness
    Await, reservation, insecurity of importance. 

    Insight - Bliss
    Aha-experience, all is possible

    Overturned thoughts, a creation of thoughts, dream, vision, fantasy.

    Illusion - Experience
    New ideas, new insights, a need to change, the seeking for more. 

    Illusion - Shift
    Powerful actions of creations. Engagement in new thinking. 

    Illusion - Unlimited
    Unlimited illusion, desire for an inner development. expectations. 

    Illusion - Stillness
    Awaiting, ponderings, fear. 

    Illusion - Bliss
    Creation, extas of happiness. Expectations. 

    Knowledge, life force, character frames, rearing. impact.

    Experience - Shift
    New steps, new engagement, enterprise, interest in life. 

    Experience - Unlimited
    Unlimited experience, the realization of the self. 

    Experience - Stillness
    Await, reservation, blasé

    Experience - Bliss
    Secure identity, determination, self- evidence. 

    New thinking, overturn, new actions, reevaluation. 

    Shift - Unlimited
    Unlimited shift, inspiration, visions.

    Shift- Stillness
    Paus, emptiness, panic, powerless.

    Shift -Unlimited
    Spiritual inspiration, new thoughts

    Eternal, transparent, unconditioned. 

    Unlimited- Stillness
    Provocation, disturbance. depression, loss of illusions. 

    Unlimited- Bliss
    Life joy, love to all.

    Low energy, power from max to emptiness, over engagement.

    Stillness - Bliss
    Neutral, turn-out, new start, balance.

    Conviction, belief, hope, inspiration, senseless joy.

    Balance - unbalance
    Imbalance - balance. counter-weight.