• The meaning of the words

    There are 12 words that are for each color and as long as the color is on the card so are also the words.

    Power - Impulse- Will - Harmony- Attitude - Insight - Illusion- Experience - Shift- Unlimited - Stillness and Bliss. 

    These are words that I have chosen to describe each energy from each color. If you see red, then it's the same as power. Besides that you activate your subconscious mind with a notion of each color, this means that you also get a keyword. It's like when you read a Rebus. If you get red and yellow, the words are Power and Will. = Powerful will, Will of power. And you can create more sentences of these two words. When you chose a card and combined these two words, they will create a hint for your mind. On the pages for the self-study course, you will find keys to develop through them. 


    With the word Power, I would like to express strength, stamina, all that is a part of an elemental force from within yourself. Your urging to surviving. This energy has to do with your base chakra that is the chakra that is your base in life, the foundation of your life. It's the energy that makes you wanna move, to be active and to react.
    If you miss out on the red, then you will have the negative aspect of Green, that is the complementary color to red, and in that, you will instead use too much drama and expression of feelings and have excuses not to act, since you have a sense of not being enough.


    The urge is also another word; this is all about the creating creative force that you have inside you. The energy that drives you to realize, to get started, to move, to be in a developing acting and to give and to get. The idea, the longing for an experience, to get acknowledgment to create more engagement. 
    If you don't have impulse then, you will get lost in the negative energy of the equivalent energy of indigo. That energy will show that you get stuck in deep reflections and analyses of what can be instead of what can be done. 


    The will can also be seen as ego, or a driving force to create what is yours. The will is what you wish to realize about yourself. When you want to show that you have a value, This energy is about values of you and that what belongs to you. Your self, your self-esteem and the awareness of yourself. 
    If you don't have the will then you will end up in the negative aspect of Purple that is the complementary color and energy to yellow. This energy shows that you create illusions instead of to realize. You will get lost in fantasy and dreams of what can be and don't have the will to create anything by yourself. 


    That word is like feeling och experience, something that moves you. Something that you like, love, feelings, when you are, just are here now with yourself but also with others. When you take the time just to be in the moment. When you make a pause. When you're in the experience of wellbeing.

    If you don't have harmony than you will be in the negative of the complementary of red, and in that, frustration, anger, irritation, impotence and self-contempt. 


    Attitude is a word that can perceive as something negative if you have a bad self-esteem or a bad attitude.But the word bad doesn't stand before the word. With attitude, I mean more of a self-security, an inner truth, and awareness of yourself. Who you are, and what you want to mediate. What you show and when to show your real you, the truthful you. The one that is in the balance and has a positive attitude and self-explication. 

    If you don't have an attitude, then you will be in the negative aspect of pink, as I see that color as the complementary energy. The pink energy is positive, not to say unlimited in its power when it's positive, but negative it's grudging, critical, its estimate and is without a goal. 


    Awareness of who you're, what you can, what you want, what your longing for and the inner wholeness of yourself and your soul.  Your spiritual consciousness that already knows it all and that is safe from within the soul. That knows that the truth never is done, instead of in constant development. In the seeking of somethings new, something that wants you to seek more. 

    If you don't have the insight, then you will get into the negative aspect of orange energy, that is the complementary energy of indigo, and with this negative impulse it will limit you and get you to seek to stimulate for the moment, as an escape to get off the development of yourself. 


    The word Illusion can be experienced as a negative word. But for me, it show more on an experience that doesn't have any basic, it can be created, and you can see what maybe isn't yet. You can choose to read you fantasy or dream. The meaning of the word is meant to be something that is created in your mind.  A longing for something more and in that you can create an illusion or a dream or create a fantasy. Your estimation starts with a thought and when you created more of what is then you can create in reality.  You, yourself is the magician of your illusions. Look at the word as a fabulous opportunity that all is possible. 

     If you can't create illusions, dreams och fantasize that you will be in the negative aspect of the will that is in the yellow energy. The will that also is the logic mind, to focus on something of will power but not of desire instead to just get your will accomplished and that without any consideration of your inner desire. 


    Knowledge can also be another word, but knowledge is more than just what you have learned the experience meanwhile is the adventure of all that has been, all that you have experienced and not only in thought, also in action, in feeling and from your acting. It's the experience that creates your patterns, your limits but also to make you grow. 

    Turquoise is the antipole, the energy that represents change, shifts and while the magenta can indicate stagnation and fear for taking responsibility. If you don't see your part, your responsibility, your past, then you can't find anything in an opposite. And that can make you create limits that are the negative aspect of the turquoise energy. To hold on to what is safe even if it's a false feeling. Not to dare to change, try och see other opportunities. 


    The only thing that's is constant is change. To change something doesn't mean that it is bad och negative. It just maybe needs a change. Or it time to develop, to date leave something that is in stagnation or to advance from new knowledge. To be open to the idea that maybe not all is written in stone.  That there is more or another way to understand things and to act to them. 

    If you don't dare to change or shift focus you end up with the negative energy of the antipole to turquoise that is magenta and get stuck in stagnation and old routines and habits. In something where you don't dare to try a different variety instead you believe that it's better the way it always has been. 


    Eternal, forever, again and again, around and around and back to square one. Then start over again but then with more experience. To be unlimited is the be limitless, to dare yourself to see that it all has a meaning, that all is a development and in that dare to have the visions, the dreams, the fantasy and above all the hope that it all gonna work out as it supposed to be. 

    If you don't dare to believe in the eternal, then you experience the negative energy of the antipole of blue energy. In that, you can be selfish, uncertain, limited and need a security before you act. 


    Another word for stillness is nothingness, but nothingness is nothing while black is it all. But sometimes it can be too much of the good things and so much that you haven't got the energy to act, create, want, experience, value or philosophy and dream about what is and can be. Stillness is about that all is as it is now, it's either worse och better, it just is, exactly as it is - totally stillness. Stillness will stagnate through time and become nothingness.

    If you don't dare to stay and be in the stillness, then you have the negative antipole that is white that is nothing, but that invites to create all that is, what will be what it's going to be. 


    For some, this is a particular word but is the word that best describes a condition of nothing but only because it's filled with it all. With bliss, it's more focused on spiritual ecstasy. This is Insight on a very high level, an awareness of trust. The white energy is nothing, and this gives it all the opportunities to fill with whatever.  All that you can think about and even more is this energy, its strengthen because it's so pure and open. It gives power and light to all that is. But it's also the energy that is without any specific energy; it's open to creating from whatever is. 

    If you can't find bliss in what you're, then you have the negative energy of the antipole of black. The total stillness that has it all as it is and nothing more is going to happen.