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Uncolored words

By Yiang, 2018-02-25
Uncolored words

Unfortunate, I’m one of these boring types of persons that don’t get engaged in the spiritual forum or watching tv-shoes with spiritual meaning. I feel pleased as life is at the moment, sure some improvements would be helpful or wished for. Like if I could solve the mystery with TBE (cephalitis). How I could use the right energy, but I have started to feel that the solution is somewhere around the base chakra that should represent the spine. But how about the fluid? Pondering if has been positive that I have been in magenta energy the last days when I have had my dip of TBE? Magenta is the energy for all experiences, all that already has been, but can on some parts of the body create imbalances and is the color in the aura and chakras that indicates “stuff” that not are in balance with the physical body. I think I have to get some anti-pole energy from turquoise that shows a shift.

My thoughts started when I for the first time in some days feel that I’m in contact with my brain, that because I have had the dip of TBE. I’m used to having this now and then, and through the years I have started to read the signals on when it's going to be a dip. Now it may be time to look at how I can shift them. That because I’m one of them that believes that everything can be shifted with the right vibration. But that was not the only thing that made me start to think about wrong energy. I read in a spiritual forum that someone had concerns about a closed chakra. The person had been to someone that told her that. “Tick” (funny expression) I think, and by that not the awful animal. It’s important to remember that we all have our own truth, but by my truth and many years of experience of energies its so fraudulent to say that. It shows on someone that doesn’t know the system of the chakras, that don’t understand energies and as a lot of people in the new spiritual area are unsure and needs sensations.

Maybe you also have heard that sometimes, that one of your chakras was closed? Bullshit is my word for that. As in the example that I reacted in, that the person's heart chakra was closed. If, if someone's chakra were to be ”closed” that person would be more dead and alive and if it was the heart chakra that person would not be connected to the emotions, and that would not get the person to write for help. If, it was possible to live with a closed chakra. Words have a meaning, and I have understood that its kind of modern to say that someone's chakra is closed, then you can offer them your services.

A metaphor to that could be like – you get to the car mechanic with your car, and they say that the engine is totally dead. But they can change it for a cost. While it could be as easy as the fuel is empty and just to fill it up could make the engine purr like a cat with the first attempt to start. But when you don’t know yourself, and you're curious, and you visit someone that don’t either know, then you cant expect an answer that will give you support. But you don’t know that before. That's why I believe its so important to check your own system of chakras. Even if it like in my own case doesn't spin like it supposed to. Or spinning too fast, that's how my brain has been, like being drunk and hangover at the same time. But still, I don't see that the imbalance has to do with my brain. Maybe I could solve my own energy by being quiet? But that is not going to happen since turquoise energy has blue in it, that’s for attitude (communication) and green that’s for harmony which I now will use.

No, you cant have a closed chakra and live. But you can have a chakra with low energy, lower than is healthy for you. You can also have a chakra that is overactivity, that spins on more than you can handle. But not a closed chakra, even if the anti-pole is an open one. Maybe I'm nit-picking on words but a closed one? Each chakra is a wheel of energy that vibrates by spinning around, for all energy is spinning around, around in a pace that is based on who you are, what you're doing, your patterns, your thoughts, and your emotions. It makes me so sad when the person with the “closed” chakra is worried about never finding love. That question makes me understand that the person has too low energy in her heart chakra and the person that read the energy has read it as closed.

The heart chakra is also about the love that is another word of harmony; I choose not to use the word love on my green cards of Yiang, the reason is that many misread that word. Love-Twin souls= I will die if I'm not loved, and I'm alone.

To make a heart chakra vibrate with green energy and be at its right pace, there is a simple method – Love yourself first and foremost. It doesn't matter how many twin souls in your life that will love you most of all. As long as you don’t love yourself, there is no possibility to someone else to transform energy into your heart chakra. It will be forever ”Close.” By that I mean, it will be so little energy that you will slurp the energy and kill the love since the demands will be much.

Chakras are like keys, keys to your events, patterns and behaviors that we are a part of, only you decide what kind of energies that will spin in the pace you need to develop. That is why I suggest that you today should cuddle up in a green blanket, and just be in harmony with yourself, then you will have the bonus of a lot of energies of love.

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